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Band saws are very sensitive, these powerful bandsaw machines fulfil a fundamental function in different production and transformation processes of very hard composition raw materials such as wood and some metals, even many saws are used in the food industry to cut frozen meats, fish bones.

Some of these processes merit the use of bandsaw machines that allow precise cuts to be made, to obtain perfect products without any type of detail or error. To guarantee this effectiveness, Saw Blades service must be carried out regularly and according to the level of wear on the blade.
Band saws are constantly subjected to some bending changes; this can cause minor fissures to form at the base of the tooth since this is the area that suffers the greatest pulling force during cutting.
If the blade is not sharpened in time, it is possible that the fissures will enlarge and could cause a definitive breakage, to avoid this it is recommended to apply the service of Bandsaw Blade Sharpening periodically. And there are also band saws for special ones to cut steel pieces; whose blades must be sharpened completely, that is; complete profiles, all teeth.
It is easier to cut all the pieces you want, with the band saw in optimal conditions, therefore; Combined Saw and Knife specialists strive to provide the best service from Bandsaw Blade Sharpening and prevent your saw blade from wearing out prematurely, periodic grinding of the entire profile ensures increased durability utility so you can continue making precise cuts without errors.
At Combined Saw and Knife you find everything you need to keep your band saw in top operating condition, with the best products and services, expert advice and unsurpassed attention. Always choose specialists to entrust the replacement or maintenance of your saw components, design the best regular maintenance program for your bandsaw machine.