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One of the power tools that are indispensable in the industrial field is the saw. They are designed for cutting and polishing wood, plastic, aluminium foil, brass and other alloys. They come in a wide range of models that cover all the requirements of a professional or an amateur.
In the range, there are circular saws, sabre, jigsaws and mitre saws, among other models. There are also semi-portable saws and fixed saws that are also used in workshops and industries of any kind.

The first models of saws were built more than 200 years ago. They are composed of one Saw Blades that protrudes from the centre of a horizontal table that is also part of the saw machine. This type of saw is fixed and the saw operator must push the pieces to work so that they are cut or sanded through the circular cutting disc.
Later they developed semi-portable and portable saws, but they are not as precise as fixed saws. The cuts that are usually achieved with these machine tools are:
• Straight cuts
• Cross-sections
• Angled cuts
The main element of the saw is the cutting disc or Saw Blades. They are actually very fragile pieces even if you don’t believe it. Above all, they are very weak at their edges because they suffer heavy wear. There are many types of cutting discs.
There are differences with respect to the material with which they are made, there is only one material, which is generally very robust; and there are those whose cutting tips are made of another type of material. These discs cut much harder materials and have the ability to withstand high temperatures and faster spin speeds.
You can get Saw Blades of different size and types of tip, thickness and diameter. But getting it from a reliable supplier is the hard part. Combined Saw & Knife (CSK) offers a wide variety of cutting discs from reputable manufacturers such as Stark. Visit the Combined Saw & Knife (CSK) website to learn more about saw blades online.