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For any executive person it is essential to make trips every certain season, to meet with company people, customers, family and more, with private service it is possible to move quickly.
To do this, you must have an executive plane that is ready for the trip. For many years, a special aircraft was manufactured for this type of private travel, conveniently transporting passengers.

The embraer plane is ideal for your executive trip. The Embraer company is the manufacturer of this lightweight model. Over the years, some modifications have been made to make it more comfortable, with greater passenger capacity and a safe trip.
This company released its first version, in 2007, two versions finished being brought to market in 2008, is the phenom 100 and 300 clutches. According to the modifications, they have a passenger capacity of 5 to 6 and 8 to 9 people.
The latest version is the phenom 500 clutches, which was introduced in 2012. This aircraft is very effective, with a capacity of approximately 45,000 feet.
This aircraft is for sale clutch phenom on this website, with the availability of several models of this type of executive aircraft.
This plane is usually a favorite of website buyers. No doubt traveling in it is a pleasure, and this is the opportunity to buy Embraer phenom.
You will get daily updates of available airplanes, in addition to being notified via email for those airplanes or helicopters with any changes, allowing the buyer to decide whether it is viable or not to acquire one.
Whatever your reasons for purchase, this aircraft is effective for taking a private flight, as passengers will be comfortable with adequate space and are configured to offer quality service.
Visit the website, register in a few minutes, and check the planes that are for sale and all prices. When buying you can detail the payment method and the company that sells the means of transport.