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The vinyl thermal split on the steel doors enhances energy savings by managing the thermal conduction. Thermally split metal doors have been sealed against hot and cool conductance. It is done through segregating the outer metal from the inner side with a non-conductive stuff (vinyl). home remodeling contractor steel doors have always been available in polished and smooth finishes with different shade and texture choices illustrated with detailed decorative glass as well as hardware alternatives that you can choose between. Your special front door may very well add elegance, impede appeal as well as importance to your home.

33% Heavier for Durability &Security:
Unified steel entrance doors are by far the most safe entrance doors available on the market constructed using a 20 gauging structural steel door which is 33 per cent heavier than that of the competition doors for safety and reliability. Unified steel entrance doors are made with great technology; high impact skins provide excellent strength and agility which are unparalleled in the business sector. For optimum insulation the doors are loaded with high density polyurethane foam fulfilling each void.
Safety First:
The security in your apartment and your relatives often comes first. At Unified doors serve functionalities including an 18-gauge steel frame, protection mounting plates, heavy-security six-pin locks as well as laminated safety glass. Such doors are often configured with a 19-inch wood lock frame provided with 14-gauge steel U-channel structural support, which prohibits break-ins at the lock area. Our steel edge doors has more than ten times the intensity of a wood edge door which safeguard towards unlawful entry.
Fiberglass Entry Doors:
Fiberglass doors had proved to become the most secure and progressive exterior door product on Long Island for decades.Delivering the brute strength of such a steel door with such a stylish elegance of wood doors, such design beats all the other styles of gates — in durability, strength and energy consumption choices.