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If you face a discrimination at your working place, then you should take an immediate action to resolve the matter. It is possible that you get a bad treatment from your immediate senior and the chief executive officer of the organization is not aware of this thing. Therefore, it is very important to let your employer know about the current situation as he might suggest a remedy for the situation without you being directed towards the court. Besides talking to the senior management and the owners of the organizations, you should be doing a lot of other things to tackle the matter in a professional manner. You should know the disabled employee rights and should be aware of all the related legal provisions which are important to this topic. This might not be possible for a lay person to know all the legal implications that are involved in such cases, therefore, taking advice from a professional and experienced employment attorney is always a great idea.

What you should do when you feel discriminated?

When you feel discriminated at your job, you should do following things to make sure that you are going to get your rights.

• Keep your employer in the loop if the discrimination is on the part of any of your colleague or senior person
• Talk to your employer if he is culprit and tell him the severity of the matter and what course of action you are planning to take. This does not intend to intimidate the employer, the mere benefit of talking directly to your employer is that your legal and professional charges would be saved and that of the employer too!
• Track all the incidences that happened and have a direct relation with the case
• Read and understand the company’s policy with regard to disabled employee rights and make sure that you are not wrong
• The company’s disciplinary policies and your employment contract must be challenging to the law applicable in your country. If this is the situation, your case would automatically become stronger and chances of your winning will increase.