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DMF has always been a renowned name From the lighting industry. Together with their finest in class lighting solutions, they’ve secured a prominent name in the marketplace. Anyone who has tried DMF lighting solutions knows that not merely the company strives to supply the very best quality but can also be the best in providing best and easy services in after-sale aid. Their latest model, DMF DRD5Ssurely lives up to its expectation with unparalleled functionality and slick finish which is nearly unbelievable. Let us have DMF DRD5S a deeper look in which it has to offer using its Most Recent launch:

Ultra-thin layout
The Most Recent DRD5S is designed to disappear. It fits perfectly and instantly mixes together with the ceiling inside a manner that as soon as you switch it around, you will not even find a way to get where the light even begins. It extends only up to 0.6 inches below the ceiling panel making it ultra-thin in design.

Elegant design

If being nearly unnoticeable wasn’t Enough, DMF has surprised everybody with the elegant and slick design of its most recent model. The design is so simple yet elegant it instantly combines with almost any background or ceiling. It’s compact design also allows for a versatile usage.

Premium quality light

What use would be a lighting alternative if it Can’t produce best and maximum lighting? DRD5S doesn’t comprise within this area either. Having its 90+ CRI LED it can create an exemplary light up to 1000 lumens.
So, If You’re looking for the right Lighting solution subsequently investing from the finest in class needs to be your telephone number. Afterall , we simply do not buy those lights daily. Buy once and be astounded always!